Learning How to Put on Boxing Gloves

Published: 30th March 2011
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While taking up boxing you must understand the importance of properly taping your hands and wearing gloves. Most people make the very painful mistake of not taping your hands or wearing boxing gloves. This can cause breaks and sprains to your hand and wrist.

When boxing you must ensure that you wear gloves and also that those gloves are of good quality. Not only do the proper gloves protect your hand and wrists, but when they are properly put on the gloves can also improve your punch effectiveness.

Gloves may also save your opponent from any long term brain damage. Every boxer is required to wear gloves when in a boxing match. This is to ensure your safety and your opponentís safety as well.

Without the safety of gloves you can do serious harm to your hands. Breaks and sprains will most likely happen. Those will heal, but the arthritis sustained from injuries will stay with you for life.

Before the gloves go on you have to ensure that your hands are properly taped. Wrap the hook of the hand and then wrap around your thumb. Then wrap the rest of your hand several times.

After your hand is wrapped you need to move around the knuckles. Ensure that your fingers remained spread apart during this time to make sure that your fingers can move and you have flexibility when you put on the gloves.

When wrapping the tape around the knuckles you also need to ensure the thumb knuckle stays free of tape. Only after you are completely done taping your hands and knuckles then you properly wrap the base of the thumb.

After the thumbs are completely wrapped then you will be able to cover the back of your hand. Once the back of the hand is covered then move the tape to the inside of your hand. Make sure the palm is covered, and your hand should be feeling really secure.

When you are doing this you will want to make a pattern that looks like an x over your hand. You can do this easily by going back and forth between the inside and the outside portions of your hand.

After the hands are totally secure you must move down to the wrists. Finally your hand should be good to go and the gloves can go on.

After you put those gloves youíre going to want to tie the gloves. After the gloves are tied then apply some more tape to the base of the glove to insure the gloves stay on the entire fight. One last note is that you donít want to get the gloves to tight, or you may cut circulation off to your hands. This is a bad thing to do.

Wearing your gloves properly is an integral part to the fight and you have to be sure that you are wise about putting them on before you fight. At first, you may want to have your trainer or coach put them on for you.

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