Cleaning Your Lacrosse Equipment

Published: 05th April 2011
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Playing Lacrosse leaves a lot of wear and tear on your equipment, and it can be easy to let your lacrosse gear get ruined from lack of maintenance. Playing Lacrosse requires a lot of protective gear that is not cheap and can be ruined over time without the proper care.

Although time consuming, it is paramount that you have a proper understanding to clean your equipment so that it will last you longer. Breaking in lacrosse pads can be as painful as breaking in a new pair of combat boots. Thatís never fun, so save yourself the money and the pain.

Take the time and learn how to properly clean all your lacrosse gear. You donít have to get to out of control with the upkeep of your gear, but you should try to shoot for a solid cleaning once every couple of weeks. And thatís if you clean everything correctly.

First, you should make sure that you are washing your uniform, gloves and pads on a consistent basis. Before you put those items in the wash; take the time to read each tag carefully and find out what specific instructions each item has stipulated to insure you do not ruin anything.

Some of the jerseys, pads and gloves are difficult to clean because they can only be washed in cold of they cannot be dried. Make sure that you read the tags and you only wash them as they should be washed.

If you decide to disregard the tags you may ruin your equipment the first time that you try to wash it. You have to take the time to understand what has been prescribed for washing so that you are able to keep your equipment for as long as possible.

To insure the longevity of your uniform you will want to turn the jersey inside out before putting it in the wash. There are a lot of people that do not do this and their uniform fades quickly or even becomes discolored because it is washed so frequently.

If you turn the uniform inside out you will be making sure that the uniform will last as long as possible. Make sure that you are taking the time to flip all of the clothes inside out before you throw them into the washing machine.

If you have a problem with a stench not coming out of your clothes then feel free to use a clothing deodorizer. Juts spray the desired items a couple times then place hang them in an area that will get a lot of fresh air. This should get even the toughest smells out of the uniforms, and if this process doesnít work the first time for you stinky kids out there then feel free to try a couple more times until you are successfully stink free.

The worst idea that one could possible make with extra stinky equipment is to try to cover the stank with something that has a pleasant odor, i.e. Body spray, cologne, perfume, etcÖ The combination can be horrible and may even make you feel sick when you are out on the field playing.

Lacrosse can be an excellent workout for your body. Not only do you have the opportunity to strengthen muscles but you will also have to be agile and quick so that you can get up and down the field with the other players on your team and on the opposing team. And remember to stay clean. No one likes the smelly guy.

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